Product Features

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  • Detachable wear piece
    Imported TPR material prevents friction between the shoe body and the ground, and protects your favorite shoes.
  • Removable safety arrestment
    All Gaoxin roller skates are equipped with a solid thick brake fixing device, which improves the brake's stability and sliding safety, and eliminates safety problems such as easy wear of the brakes.
  • shell double-layer plastic double color
    It adopts double-layer two-color high-strength TPR engineering materials, which is sturdy, durable, high-grade and beautiful, and distinctive.
  • thickened breathable liner
    Bamboo charcoal nano-fabric is soft, delicate, comfortable, easy to remove and wash; thick and breathable liner can play a cushioning role, the soft texture protects the ankle's flexibility for a long time, and the super-absorbent sweat keeps the feet dry and breathable.
  • precision ABEC-7 bearings
    The bearing is the heart of the wheel. ABEC-7 bearings are highly dust-proof, have small clearances, low noise, and provide good smoothness and continuity.
  • CNC one-piece aluminum frame
    The CNC integrated aluminum alloy support has strong support force, smooth sliding, anti-stamping, anti-deformation, not easy to rust, and can play a more stable and stable role than ordinary split brackets.
  • high rebound casting
    Wear-resistant, highly elastic PU wheels, strong grip, low sliding noise, and can play a role in cushioning when encountering potholes.
  • easy entry system
    The top of the boot is made of special material to reduce friction, so that the shoes will no longer be tangled, and they will step on to the end.
  • expandible shell
    The adjustable code design is more intimate with the needs of your child's growth, and also increases the service life of the shoes.
    The shoe shell is made of new TPR engineering material with two layers of two colors, which is tough and durable, and its safety can be fully guaranteed.
  • tank antiskid system
    The inner liner and the leggings are effectively fixed to ensure that the inner boots and the shoe shell are relatively stationary during use, effectively enhancing the control and safety caused by the heel and loosening.
  • solid backing system
    The leggings structure and the integrated knife holder form a perfect three-dimensional support to eliminate common problems of eccentricity. The SBS system eliminates balance interference and makes professional practice more focused.